Did you know that a writer is an essential factor to the marketing plan of your business?


A writer can: 


  • Provide you with custom content that will engage your current clients. This is crucial for successful branding. 
  • Increase the traffic to your website just by generating content and, thus, increasing you ranking. 
  • Engage your clients with custom, informative content, rather than repeat advertisements.


If you are looking to increase your leads and engage your clients, then hire me as your writer. I have experience in ghostwriting, copywriting, and content writing. I can handle all writing aspects, such as email marketing sequences, blogging, website content, brochure content, and more! I have helped both large corporations and indvidual entrepreneurs make lasting impressions with my content. 


I am a well-rounded writer that can churn out information on a plethora of topics. However, some of my favorite content relates to:


  • Inspirational/motivational
  • Mental health
  • Addictions and sober living
  • Christianity
  • Social Work/Psychology
  • Kids and parenting
  • Marketing tools
  • Blogging
  • General business topics
  • The legal system



Michelle Blan is a freelance writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter. She uses her skills to develop engaging content for blogs and websites that will assist businesses with their inbound marketing strategy.

Let's keep in touch! Check me out on social media for updated writing promotions, ideas, topics, and the hottest content. 

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