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© 2023 by Michelle Blan

a life worth living. 

We are given, on average, 29,000 days to fill before we die. Did you know that? 


I had spent so much time working in positions that felt unfulfilling and empty. But, through it all was a passion for writing. Oh how many times had I thought gee, writing for a living would be wonderful, but how?  Then, suddenly I found myself in the perfect position to be able to make the transition. 

I did my research, gathered my game plan, and went to work. Freelance writing became my full-time job. Meeting others and putting into words what they had in mind - but couldn't pen - became my passion. That was a few years ago. And I still couldn't be happier. 

I get to work wherever and whenever I want and I get to write about so many new things! Though, I must admit that I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for God. His blessings and His guidance have led me this far - and I will keep going as long as He lets me. 

So, what am I doing with my 29,000 days? Writing, creating, sharing, and spreading all things good.